One of the most reoccurring complaints is the amount of time you have to spend before you get an actual answer to your question. It’s mildly surprising because Questrade doesn’t strike you as a dishonest website right away, yet there are obviously some issues with transparency. Let’s see what the reviewers noted as their reasons to rank the brand so low.

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This is a highly relative point, because the fees on Questrade are only high if you consider that most of your money will either disappear during trade or will be stuck in withdrawing forever. Other than that, the commissions are pretty fair (4.50 min for stock, 0.08 pips on spreads for FX and so forth). By the looks of it, however, the platform is alright. They have a lot of different instruments and focus heavily on providing an extensive Forex experience.

It means there are always fresh reviews about this platform. It’s a very bad thing to not have at least some semblance of a blog to answer the general questions about trading and yourself. On Questrade, they have several reviews and blog posts, but they are largely worthless.

Funding USD In A Registered Account or Margin Account

Much can happen to make alerts irrelevant, and Questrade really struggles with delays and other issues already. It’s a much bigger assortment than your average broker usually gives you. However, it may just be a ruse to lure people into their enterprise and never return their money. In the end, this list doesn’t include anything unique or special enough to give Questrade a shot over the numerous complaints. Most of these issues are commonly attributed to Questrade’s general incompetence and inability to process a lot of information at the same time.

If you look at the page titled ‘trading platforms’ under ‘self-directed investing’, you’ll see that Questrade has a lot to offer both a beginning trader and an experienced user. Another thing you should remember while setting up the PAD manually is that you need to upload a void check or a direct deposit form for your bank account. Go to myQuestrade, select “Account Management,” and then click on “Upload Documents” to upload the void check or direct deposit form. Questrade requires your banking information and a PAD agreement on file when you set up a PAD manually. Thus, you should upload your banking information and PAD agreement before the deposit date if you want to avoid delays while funding your Questrade account with USD. In this post, I will discuss Questrade exchange rates and the process of transferring USD to Questrade to help you avoid hefty conversion charges.

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On the other hand, you can also choose to set it to “Currency of Transaction” if you want to ensure that the currencies stay on their respective sides, like in margin accounts. However, while you can hold dual currencies in your account, there is a difference if you want to fund USD in a margin account and a registered account. While making the exchange, Questrade embeds a processing fee of 199 “pips” within the exchange rate. A pip is a unit of measure used in the foreign exchange market. So this effectively makes the conversion rate around 1.99%.

It is one of the top discount brokers in Canada for self-directed investors. You must understand that Forex trading, while potentially profitable, can make you lose your money. Never trade with the money that you cannot afford to lose! Trading with leverage can wipe your account even faster. It’s up to you to decide if you believe all those reviews praising or all the “Questrade is a wonderfully great company.

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  • SSL protects information as it crosses the Internet.
  • Helpful support is one of the key requirements for a trading platform.
  • If the PAD amount is $10,000 CAD or USD or higher, you can expect it to take up to seven business days to come through.
  • Login to your myQuestrade account, click “Funding,” and select “Pre-Authorized Deposit”.

Here you can find a summary of your selected hotels. During the account opening process, the information you provide to us is encrypted using Secure questrade forex Socket Layer technology. SSL protects information as it crosses the Internet. To support this technology, you need an SSL-capable browser.

Questrade FX Reviews

On the contrary, if you look at the customer reviews left on websites like Trustpilot or FPA, you’ll see that Questrade has quite a few problems. Wire transfers are usually the quickest method to fund your Questrade account with USD because they arrive sooner, taking only one or two business days. You also don’t need to worry about a minimum or maximum transfer limit you can receive in your Questrade account.

Each person would say they would “send a report to the back office and someone would follow up with me in the next few days. He refused to understand that I sold stock for this price and then my account balance said I had much less then what I sold the stock for, even though this is very simple concept. Robert Chandler is the name of the “manager” I spoke with. And pretended to have an audit done on my account, even though another manager told me audits take at least 3-5 business days.

questrade fx

Questrade is one of the best trading platforms for self-directed Canadian investors. The comprehensive trading platform makes becoming an investor a far more convenient affair than traditional exchanges and financial institutions do. There is a fee added to the exchange rate whenever you need to exchange currencies from CAD to USD or the other way around. Since exchanging currencies is one of the services offered by Questrade, you should expect to pay a small processing fee in the exchange rate to get your desired currency. I joined Questrade about a year ago and about 6-months later i gained more confidence to explore Forex trading. Granted this review might be a little older but i felt that as a newbie into forex trading that Questrade has improved considerably because getting started was quick and painless.

Your review will be checked by a moderator and published on this page. For Forex with Questrade consider that you CANNOT have short position if you have open sell position. Signal trading is a prominent part of modern trading, and it involves receiving signals from the knowledgeable specialists who often send out warnings and advice to all their clients for a modest sum of money. Author Bio – Christopher Liew is a CFA Charterholder with 11 years of finance experience and the creator of

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There are several methods to fund your Questrade account in USD. I will discuss using a pre-authorized deposit or a wire transfer to achieve this. These are the two most popular methods that self-directed Canadian investors use to fund their Questrade accounts with USD. If you are an investor looking to use the advantages of Questrade while trading U.S.-listed securities, Questrade’s capability to hold two currencies in your account can be the most cost-effective way to pull that off. Additionally, you can get $50 in free tradeswhen you start investing with Questrade.

The company can do all kinds of shady activity resulting in you either losing your money or becoming unable to withdraw them. One unlucky reviewer reports that they spent total of 2 hours on the phone just to receive as much as an acknowledgement from the support team. Another example is the 2-months-long expectance of an answer e-mail. It’s unknown exactly how well any of these features work, because the efficacy of such sorts of trading is relative. Alerts can help you – but they also don’t guarantee total success.